Innate goodness

The characterizing aspect of our cream is the use of very fresh raw materials, in particular hazelnuts and extra virgin olive oil, which derive directly from the cultivation of our land. Gregorian Nocciolosa has a unique taste and sensorial impact because it involves the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a genuine ingredient, combined with the high percentage of Hazelnuts (from 35 to 45%). Fresh and quality raw materials that give this cream a delicacy and a delicate and captivating taste.

Una crema magnifica

The Gregorian nutty does not contain Palm Oil.

There seems to be agreement in food science in stressing how avoiding the consumption of products containing palm oil protects our health. In fact, its high content of saturated fats, which can even reach 50% in the case of palm oil derived from fruits, is not balanced by an adequate presence of beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids, believed to be able to keep levels in check of LDL cholesterol.