Gregorian Nutty

Genuineness and taste

A spreadable cream obtained from HAZELNUTS and

The Gregorian nutty is characterized by the use of genuine raw materials, especially hazelnuts and extra virgin olive oil, which are derived directly from the cultivation of our land, placed on the hills of the town of San Gregorio Magno (SA) [see galleria]. The Gregorian has a nutty taste and a unique sensory impact because it involves the use of extra virgin olive oil, a natural ingredient, combined with the high percentage of hazelnuts (35-45%). Quality products that give this cream a goodness and a delicate and appealing taste. The Gregorian nutty does not contain Palm Oil [read more].

The ingredients used

• HAZELNUTS and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (products grown in our soils)
• Cocoa butter
• sugar
• Fat cocoa powder
• Skimmed MILK powder
• Aromas
• Emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

NB – ingredients highlighted in CAPS: allergens

Serving Suggestions

You can enjoy the Gregorian nutty by a spoonful, but it is also exquisite on fresh homemade bread or as a filling for pastries, as well as ice cream and fruit, or even to garnish your desserts. 
To be stored in a cool, dry place away from light and direct heat and not in the refrigerator.

Una crema magnifica

The possible presence of lumps is a phenomenon due to conservation of the product at low temperatures, that does not affect the quality of cream. 
To obviate enough to preserve the product for some time at room temperature or slightly warm it before using them.

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